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Lisa Waud of Pot & Box will Inspire You

I heard professional speaker Scott McKain tell someone who paid him a wonderful complement " I make my living with words, yet the right words escape me in trying to say thank you for that wonderful compliment."

That’s how I feel about my conversation with Lisa Waud of Lisa says things like "Fierce Spirit", "No Restrictions Creativity" and "Glowing With Life". Lisa is talking about an experience her and her team put together in the Detroit, MI market.

What an inspirational business story. What an inspirational story for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community.

Finally, I want to be sure that my friends at Zingerman’s , and their training division, know I appreciate them connecting me to Lisa. BTW, the vision statement you see when you go to was crafted with the help of folks at Zing Train.

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Wishing you happiness and success,

Marty Wolff

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