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West Paw Design on The Forbes’ 2016 Best Small Companies

Spencer Williams, President and Owner of West Paw Designs /, joins me on this edition of the Business Builders Show. Spencer talks to us about taking over a small manufacturer of pet products based in Montana about 20 years ago and the journey to what the company is today – 75 employees and a company that is receiving national recognition.

Spencer tells us how he made the Forbes’ 2016 Small Companies list, what role Open Book Management played in that journey and how and why West Paw Design became the first pet product manufacturer to be certified as a B Corp.

Spencer is a terrific communicator. I would call him a great teacher. No matter what size your business is or what industry you’re in – Spencer Williams delivers knowledge you can use. Less than 25 minutes – BIG ROI on time invested.

Thanks for listening and learning with me. I look forward to getting your comments. Text me at 570 815 1626

Marty Wolff

I want to thank Pride Mobility Products. the global leader in manufacturing consumer-inspired power wheelchairs, scooters and lift chairs for those with disabilities for supporting this edition of the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff

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